The Caspian exclusive management service offers an objective approach based on knowledge and experience to gain best results for you. We understand that although the rental income is important to you that it is imperative that the work load related to gaining this needs to be kept to a minimum for you and not a burden to you.

We establish a clear market position for your data, insert and banner advertising opportunity through research and careful planning. This includes the management of swaps, ensuring that balances are kept in check.

Caspian have a unrivaled marketing strategy for each managed programme. A combination of direct mail, email, banner advertising, entries into list and insert tables and PR.

We conduct regular sales presentations to brokers, agencies and advertisers to ensure your opportunity gains maximum exposure. 

We are respected for our pro-activity by all our clients but at the same time retaining the appreciation of agencies and brokers for not being overzealous. Getting the balance right is imperative to retaining a good and positive dialogue with the buyers of your opportunity.

Caspian feedback is via monthly reports which detail enquiry and sales updates through to a marketing and PR review as well as a summary of revenue gained.

We encourage review meetings at a regularity to suit you. 


    “We work with you to deliver against agreed objectives”