Data Audit: Caspian will manage the process giving you back a detailed report on the condition of your data.

Data Cleansing: It is important to maintain your data quality in order to adhere to best practice and to save money through unnecessary wastage but it is just as important to get the balance right and not over clean. We ensure that you avoid aggrevating recipients but not spend money unnecessarily.

Data Enhancing: Tagging your data with either additional contact information such as emails or telephone numbers or enhancing with demographic or lifestyle information could all lead to better targeting and use of your own data.

Print: Whether you require a postcard mailing, full mailing pack or brochure we can manage the process for you. Our print services range from artwork creation through to personalised digital print. Also available is graphic design, label printing and litho printing.

Mailing & Fulfillment: We can orgainse the mailing and fulfillment of most forms of marketing material, from postcards, letters, magazines, brochures and catalogues into envelopes or polywrap. For items that cannot be fulfilled by machine we can arrange hand fulfillment. We also offer the option of more environmentally friendly direct mail options. including; vegetable based inks, recycled materials and biodegradable products.

Broadcast: If you need an email broadcast, then we can ensure that your campaign is sent with the appropriate follow up reporting.

Banner Advertising: We can help with your banner advertising. Online advertising offers 3rd parties a route to market via a consumers familiar and trusted websites and online retailers.


                        ” Making life easy – let us do the hardwork”