Caspian will advise on taking part and manage for you the participation with the co-ops.

How do the co-ops work? In short, merging your customer data with that of other direct marketers to develop more robust models that enable you to prospect more effectively.  We only work with companies that we are confident govern their data pool fairly without giving any one company an unfair advantage and who control the ability to leave the pool as this will have an immediate affect on models built.

Co-ops offer access to some lists that are not generally available on the rental market and so allow you to access potential customers that you may not be reaching in other ways.

We help each advertiser assess the associated benefits and risks of co-op database participation and how it can help you reach your business goals. 

Our advice and management service is completely free.

Data pools solely for the individual client can be built and Caspian can arrange for the housing, building and updating of a personalised data pool.

             ”Reach buyers of relevant products or defined profile by delivering your message to consumers qualified by modeled data”

Brand Partnerships – Travel

Add an incremental revenue stream without any stockholding, financial commitment* or need for specialist customer services.

Introduce travel as part of your product offering or as an added-value customer proposition. This is achieved through Brand Partnership Marketing where two or more companies or brands come together to cross market – each with its own brand value and its own customer base and loyalty.

Everybody wants to travel. We all love holidays! Whether it is a coach tour in the UK or a round-the-world cruise, ski-ing in the Alps or walking in the Cairngorms, there is something for everyone and the UK travel industry is on of the most voluminous business today.

Holiday bookers require reassurance. So when presented with a relevant travel offer in the pages of a catalogue they trust, customer will view what they see with the confidence they have in your brand and are more likely to respond.

             ”Increase customer loyalty, increase brand strength, increase revenue”

How it works: We create or source holidays and travel experiences appropriate to the profile of your customers which you then carry in your catalogues or on-line shopping sites. Customers wishing to take up an offer, enquire or make a booking by responding by telephone to a dedicated sales line or email direct to the travel company who recognises them as your customer. You receive sales commission on every departure!

Responsibility for fulfilment and travel-related consumers protection (ABTA, ATOL, etc) rests with the vendor with whom the customer contacts, not you the retail partner.

* The only commitment is the opportunity cost of the space and any pre-agreed fees for data services undertaken.